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Future Skills

‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change’ – Charles Darwin.

What is Future Skills?

At Belmont, we believe in nurturing children to be happy, inquisitive and well-rounded individuals, but we also want to equip them with the skills to thrive in the future. The past year has shown that we cannot predict what the future holds for the next generation and we must consider what is important for their education.

At Belmont we are trying to balance the acquisition of important knowledge in traditional subjects with the skills young people need for the future.

Future Skills is a weekly lesson with activities within six strands: Create, Lead, Communicate, Innovate, Sustain, Think.

See the activities available under each strand below:

All the activities teach vital skillsets, preparing pupils for the future, but also allowing them to find their niche within an enjoyable learning environment.

Future Skills is taught through a blend of our own teaching staff, alongside extra staff delivering bespoke sessions. We have six curriculum leaders who work with a team of teachers to develop outstanding lessons with a clear outcome. Our external experts deliver sessions in First Aid, Macrame and Yoga.

Future Skills Investments

Investments have been made to support the delivery of the Future Skills programme, including the purchase of 200 Chromebooks, 10 VEX Robotics kits and equipment for videography and podcasting.

We have developed our Eco Garden and three acres of woodland space for Forest School. Plans are also in place to improve our Outdoor Learning Facilities, including an Outdoor learning Classroom. We designed a Cooking Room for our Create strand, and we opened our Wellbeing Suite in January 2020 for the Think (Wellbeing) strand.

Find out more about what is on offer as part of our Future Skills curriculum, as well as our partnerships and the impact of Future Skills in the documents below:


You can also find out more about Future Skills by watching the video below: