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Future Skills

‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change’ – Charles Darwin.

What is Future Skills?

Building on our hugely successful House Carousel, the aim of The Future Skills and the 7Cs is to equip children with the skills needed for 21st-century work and life. We have a variety of activities which are available to children in both Lower and Upper School and undertaken on rotation throughout the year. The 7 Cs includes the following strands:


Expressing thoughts clearly, articulating opinions, motivating others through speech and giving coherent instructions are valued in daily life and in the workplace. We have included Drama, Oracy, Videography and KidsMBA in our curriculum so that pupils can learn oral, written and non- verbal forms of communication for different contexts and purposes. We are excited to have partnered with ABE to deliver a KidsMBA in Year 8 where pupils develop the skills and confidence to set up a real-world business.


Effective collaboration allows large groups of diverse people to collectively make intelligent and holistic decisions. The ability to work respectfully and flexibly is something we offer in Future Skills through activities such as Outdoor Learning, Drama, KidsMBA, First Aid and STEAM.


Creativity is now rightly recognised as a key driver in the global economy. The ability to innovate and demonstrate originality in work is a skill fostered through Innovation, Videography, STEAM, KidsMBA, Design & Make, Outdoor Learning and Cooking.


Being able to think reflectively and independently allows pupils to become active learners. Through Robotics, STEAM, First Aid, Independent Studies, Innovation, Outdoor Learning and Oracy we encourage pupils to analyse, evaluate, interpret and synthesise information. In Year 8, pupils take part in Robotics where they build and programme their own VEX Robots.


Wellbeing and mental health are at the forefront of our ethos at Belmont. Remaining calm facilitates concentration, emotional regulation and increases chances of success. We teach Yoga, Mindfulness, Healthy Minds, Design and Make and Outdoor Learning. This aspect of the curriculum utilises the natural beauty of our grounds and is highly beneficial to the pupils’ emotional wellbeing.


We want our pupils to be helpful and kind members of society. We actively promote compassion across various activities such as Healthy Minds, Outdoor Learning, First Aid and through our KidsMBA. We have partnered with “Mini First Aid” who provide three of our year groups with weekly sessions. Pupils can practice leadership and collaboration, testing their abilities within a safe environment.


Bringing out the best in each pupils is an area we feel passionately about at Belmont. Through our Future Skills curriculum pupils are able to find their niche in an enjoyable learning environment.
The challenges that they face in problem solving in Outdoor Learning or presenting an elevator pitch in the KidsMBA all contribute to developing character and resilience.