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Religious Studies

Religious Studies is an opportunity for pupils to raise questions and seek answers about the very fundamentals of human life.

The teaching staff are delighted to be part of our pupils’ quests, and much time is devoted to individuals bringing to the class their own experiences, family history and conceptualisations of our role here on this wonderfully rich planet.

It is vitally important that all the world’s great religions are taught about, as all have wisdom to offer. Religious Studies offers time for personal reflection and spiritual development. It also is the vehicle for our consideration of our own moral and ethical codes, giving everyone the opportunity to consider how to enhance society, at local, national and international levels. We think about the place of philanthropy and the purpose of charitable organisations accordingly.

We learn from Christianity, but we learn from the scriptures of other religions too. It is heart-warming to witness pupils’ realisation, for example, that Christianity shares its roots and core values, via the Old Testament, with Judaism and Islam.

Learning about religion has to be undertaken within a spirit of tolerance and respect. In this context, we believe that we are helping our pupils to prepare for adult life, on a personal level as well as in the work place. Learning in this way helps our young people to combat prejudice, overt as well as subliminal.

Some of our pupils consider themselves not particularly religious, but very much in tune with the cultural values of their families’ religions. Those cultures are very much celebrated, and pupils are delighted to be told the family stories and childhood experiences of others. London is a cosmopolitan city, of course, and we are ideally placed to see numerous faiths in action, not only in people’s lives, but in living places of worship.