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Our mission is to ensure all pupils leave Belmont physically literate and equipped with the motivation, skills and knowledge to foster a life-long love and active involvement in physical activity.

Belmont has excellent sports facilities, set in stunning, landscaped grounds. We have netball courts, rugby and football pitches, an astro turf for hockey, cricket squares (including artificial surfaces), tennis courts, a woodland cross country course and a gymnasium. In addition, we have regular use of Mill Hill School’s swimming pool, sports hall and large astro turf.

Our Objectives:

  • To deliver a holistic, innovative and accessible Physical Education programme to all pupils, consistently providing opportunities to challenge pupils and help them to grow
  • To provide opportunities for all pupils to become independent and creative learners, developing resilience, reflection, determination and an appreciation of the importance of team work and cooperation in all they do
  • To show pupils the benefits of Games and PE and encourage a habit of physical activity

Sport plays an integral role in the education and wellbeing of all Belmontians and is central to our culture. Through the comprehensive PE and Games programmes, we equip pupils with the tools to cope with success and failure, to work with others, and to encourage the appreciation of fair play.

To reflect the importance of physical activity, the school dedicates nearly four hours to PE and Games across the week.

Regardless of ability, all pupils take part in a range of different sports and activities at various competitive and recreational levels. If a pupil wants to access a sport we offer at a representative level and can demonstrate the right sort of attitude, attributes, ability and tactical awareness, a conversation will be had with their family about this opportunity.

All PE lessons are taught in pupil’s form groups, in a mixed-ability, co-educational setting. During the Games afternoons pupils take part in single-sex groups, however girls and boys come together in a co-educational setting for after school clubs and activities.

The PE and Games department is staffed with over 20 colleagues who come from various educational and sporting backgrounds including current and former international players. The experience and passion of the staff creates an environment where every child feels valued, challenged and excited to take part in sport.

The department strives for progress from every child, regardless of prior experience, and believe a successful lesson involves all pupils being engaged and challenged, making progress, and developing self-confidence. As a department we are aware there is a wide range of ability across the school, however we always ensure that every child is engaged and making progress in a fun and enjoyable environment; personal progression is at the heart of achievement.

All pupils have access to 45 minutes of PE per week where they learn key movement skills, theory behind how the body works, and learn a range of new sports. All pupils also swim during the year.


Our Games programme for the Year 7 and 8s allows every child to find their niche and master it with passion in an environment that will challenge each individual.