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Belmont - Science


Our Science department at Belmont aims to nurture curiosity and engagement, encourage searching questions and produce pupils who believe science is the key to our future.

Pupils in Year 3 might be investigating the growth of green plants over several weeks; Year 4 students could be planning a fair test using insulating materials; the question of what causes puddles to evaporate quickly under certain conditions is something Year 5 pupils can explain. These lessons often take place in Lower School form rooms, in the dedicated lower school science laboratory or set amongst the extensive school grounds.

Year 6, 7 and 8 will explore Physics, Chemistry and Biology in engaging and exciting lessons covering topics such as The Human Body, Space and The Solar System, The Reactivity Series of metals. The pupils move to the AQA science syllabus at the beginning of Year 7. They cover the majority of the Key Stage 3 scheme of work and this allows a seamless transition to Mill Hill where they start the AQA Key Stage 4 work in preparation for their GCSEs.

The National Curriculum guides the syllabus but Belmont goes further, using access to the science laboratories to allow a wide range of practical investigations. The department benefits from three modern laboratories, two prep rooms supported by a science technician, a pond and wildlife area, a gardening area and access to over 35 acres of woods and parkland.

Encouraging investigations and using practical work to underpin understanding is the cornerstone of Science here at Belmont.

STEM Club is ran once a week during lunchtime (open for Year 7 & 8 students). It can provide students with an opportunity to gain teamwork and leadership skills and increase confidence in STEM subjects. Allowing them to work on a great range of activities and practical work in all aspects of STEM.