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The musical life at Belmont is vibrant and filled with lots of fun activities and events for all ages and ability levels.

There are so many opportunities to make music at Belmont and every child can take part – whether performing a violin solo, playing in the jazz band, or singing in Chapel.

Within the curriculum every child has a weekly Music lesson with a dedicated, specialist teacher. We also have over 20 visiting teachers and the majority of children learn an instrument or take singing lessons. The department believes in nurturing and encouraging every child to get involved in either playing in an ensemble, singing in a choir or composing their own music.

Throughout the year there are numerous concerts, productions, theatre trips and weekend tours.

There is a team of 19 dedicated professional musicians who teach individual lessons throughout the week catering for all interests. Belmont acts as a centre for ABRSM exams and we also enter pupils for drum and rock guitar exams.

Regardless of where your child is on their musical journey the numerous ensembles and opportunities are plentiful. They will have the chance to join Orchestra, String Ensemble, Chamber Group, Percussion Group, Tromba Group, Brass Group, Bell Plates, Junior Choir, Chamber Choir, Junior Wind Band, Jazz Band and iPad Club.

There are strong links with Mill Hill School and musicians are invited to join the Foundation Chapel Choir, Jazz Band and Orchestra as a means of providing a more advanced musical experience.

Our new Music IT room will allow all pupils to use Sibelius and Cubase which will be an exciting new venture, especially for our avid composers.

Please enjoy our Autumn Term 2020 Informal Concert below: