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Design and Technology

Our students benefit from having their Design and Technology lessons taught in a new purpose built workshop, allowing us to develop their knowledge, understanding and capability within this exciting and creative subject.

All pupils, from Year 3 through to Year 8, will have a weekly session in the department, reflecting an increased commitment to the subject from the school.

Design and Technology offers contexts that can promote problem solving skills in a practical and innovative project-based curriculum. Pupils will have access to a growing range of more traditional hand and machine tools, alongside newer, digital-based resources, producing their outcomes in resistant materials, textiles, electronics and graphic media.

Pupils will learn an appreciation for the technological world of the past and can then contemplate the future world they will live and work in.

Our young designers at Belmont will be directed by two subject specialists, who have both taught up to A Level in their previous schools, and an experienced technician, who is on hand to offer support and reassurance during practical lessons with the more complex and challenging processes and methods the pupils will engage in.

A small cohort in Year 8 will have extra sessions in support of a Design and Technology Scholarship offered by Mill Hill School.