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Community Links

‘Developing our pupils’ holistically is vital and having them engaged as young members in our community instils strong character values while encouraging learning about the joys of giving up of their time in an act of kindness and service to others.’

At Belmont, we believe that children can begin to focus on the wider world and look into their community with intrigue and be willing to lend a helping hand. In 2018, Belmont partnered with Give Together, a volunteering program for school aged children. This has provided our students with the opportunity to take part in numerous volunteering programs while taking time to learn more about important aspects of our local community. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Engaging with the older generation through social activities at a care home.
  • Participating in educational projects with charities assisting the homeless.
  • “Cooking for the Community” schemes, whereby pupils plan recipes, cook and pack healthy meal parcels which are delivered to local shelters.
  • Connecting with refugee and asylum seekers through interactive cooking workshops.
  • Running arts and crafts sessions with children with learning difficulties.

Our school is also dedicated to participating in whole school initiatives and working to build strong, meaningful relationships with local schools. Whole school initiatives at Belmont include Jeans for Genes Day, Harvest Festival and drives for Homeless Action in Barnet.

‘This house carousel called ‘cooking for the community’ was an incredible experience and I loved it. It taught me how much it means to some people to have someone to talk to. I hope I can go back and visit the nursing home soon!’ Scarlett, Y6

‘This was a great learning experience and one that I hope I can have every year. I was able to understand more about homelessness in London and how society views it. We heard from a guest speaker and then baked for a local shelter. It is amazing to think that I took the time to help someone I will never meet’. Milan Y7