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Inspection Report

View the latest Independent Schools Inspectorate report on Belmont, Mill Hill Prep School here.

Read and download the full report here:

Quotes from the report:

“Teaching is excellent”. “Excellent teaching contributes to the pupils’ high standard of achievement and good progress”.

“Pupils’ attainment is excellent”.

“All pupils are highly successful in their learning and personal development”

“Pupils are extremely well educated and highly successful in their learning across all subjects and activities”.

“The most able pupils enjoy and make progress from the challenges that are planned for them and opportunities for extension work abound across the curriculum”.

“Pupils thrive in an atmosphere of hard work, enjoyment and effort.”

“The curriculum is broad, balanced and forward thinking… ‘

“…excellent opportunities for developing the pupils’ intellectual curiosity.”

“Extra-curricular provision is excellent. It fulfils the school’s aim to include and value each pupil, promote passion and interest, find individual strength and provide a broad experience.”

“Teaching is consistent with the school’s aim to develop academic excellence..’

“…a well-disciplined atmosphere encourages effective learning.”

“The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils is excellent.”

“The school’s Christian foundation enshrines values of tolerance, care for others, forgiveness and empathy in the multi-faith community of the school.”

“Individuality is respected and nurtured alongside opportunities to grow and flourish,”

“Staff know pupils well and relationships are extremely positive”

“The quality of links with parents, carers and guardians is excellent.”

“The close-knit community and the warm and caring atmosphere in the school result in pupils who are well mannered and unfailingly polite.”