Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships are offered to Belmont pupils and applicants at 11+ entry and range in value, normally not exceeding 10% of the annual fee.

It is possible for an award to be increased by the addition of a bursary, subject to the satisfactory completion of financial statement forms and acceptance by the Foundation Bursary Committee. 

The awards are tenable for two years at Belmont and continue for five years at Mill Hill, our senior school, subject to satisfactory progress and behaviour. Any bursary addition would be reviewed annually. 

The Head of Art is always happy to meet with prospective candidates and their parents, and to answer enquiries at any stage of the application process. Visiting the school during Open Days, however, is seen as an important part of the application procedure as it gives the candidates and their parents the opportunity to meet the Head of Art. 

What is the required standard? 

For entry at 11+ candidates will be expected to be an actively involved pupil in their current school’s Art department. Candidates should enjoy making art and take an interest in art outside their school for example attend an externally run art club. They should also regularly visit art galleries, museums and exhibitions in order to develop their understanding of arts history. Candidates at this early stage need to show exceptional artistic promise. If you are in any doubt about suitability for an award, please contact the Head of Art in advance 

When and how will the Art Award process take place? 

The process will take place in the Spring Term for entry into Belmont in September of the same year.   Candidates will digitally submit their favourite pieces of artwork to the Head of Art. The Head of Art will view all submissions and then shortlist candidates for an art test. In addition, successful candidates will be required to perform at a sound level academically in the school’s entrance tests and interviews. 

What happens on the day of the art test? 

The test will be approximately two hours in length and involve responding creatively to a visual stimulus. During the test candidates will also have a short interview with the Head of Art about their digital submission. During the interview candidates will be expected to articulate how they developed their ideas, which artists they find inspiring and share ideas about recent gallery visits. 

Belmont Art Scholars 

Candidates entering for a Scholarship should be aware that if offered an art award, art will become a major part of their school life. Scholars are expected to take a full and active part in the artistic life of the school by attending at least one art club a week, ideally Scholars would also develop their artistic ability by attending externally run clubs or workshops outside school. 

Currently, the school has the following art clubs: a ceramics club, an online photography club, an 11+ Art club and a 13+ Art Scholarship club. The Art Department alongside its Art Scholars help create backdrops for the various productions carried out during the school year. The Department also regularly organises cultural visits both locally and internationally to enrich its art programme. 

Further Information 

If you require any further information, or are unsure about any aspect of the application process or the suitability of your child for an art award, please contact admissions@belmontschool.com