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Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships are offered to Belmont pupils and applicants at 11+ entry.

Awards are for the duration of the candidate’s time at BelmontAt 13+ Belmontians are put forward again for the 13+ range of scholarships that are available for the next five years at Mill Hill. They are all subject to satisfactory progress and behaviour. Any bursary addition would be reviewed annually. 

Visiting the school during Open Morning is seen as an important part of the application process as it gives the candidates and their parents the opportunity to view the facilities that are available and meet the Head of Art.  The Head of the Art department is always happy to meet with prospective families and answer enquiries at any stage of the application process. 

What is the required standard? 

For entry at 11+, candidates are expected to show an exceptional artistic promise, an enthusiasm for Art beyond the classroom, have a passion for learning and demonstrate an overall high academic performance. They are active pupils of the Art department at their current school as well as pupils that enjoy and make Art at externally run Art clubs. They should regularly visit Art galleries, museums, and exhibitions to develop their understanding of Art History. 

When and how will the Art Award process take place? 

The process takes place in the Spring Term for entry into Belmont in September of the same year. Candidates are asked to submit a completed digital portfolio of their 10 favourite pieces of artwork including a description of each piece (not 10 separate files). Internal candidates are asked to submit their portfolio via Google Classrooms and external candidates are asked to send their portfolio to admissions@belmontschool.com. We ask the portfolio is saved in a pdf format. If the file size is too large to send via email, please submit it via wetransfer.com. 

The Head of Art views all submissions and shortlists candidates for the assessment. 

In addition, successful candidates will be required to perform at a sound level academically in the school’s entrance assessment. 

What happens on the Art Scholarship assessment day? 

The assessment is approximately two hours and involves candidates responding creatively to a still life. During this time, each candidate will have a short interview with the Head of Art discussing their digital submission. Candidates are expected to articulate how they developed their ideas, which artists they are inspired by and share thoughts about recent gallery, museum, or exhibition visits. 

What is entailed in the Art Scholarship award? 

Candidates that are offered an Art Scholarship award are expected to take a full and active part in the artistic life of the school and will benefit from an enrichment programme of regular cultural visits and workshops. 

Art scholars are expected to join the 13+ Art Scholarship group in Years 7 & 8 and will work toward taking part in an Art award as well as having the opportunity to attend at least one of the co-curricular Art clubs that are available each week including a ceramics club and an online photography club. 

Art will be a major part of an Art scholar’s life and they will assist the Art department in creating props and backdrops for various productions carried out through the school year as well as representing the Art department when required i.e., Open Mornings.  

The deadline to apply for an Art Scholarship is listed on the Admissions Calendar.  Applications received after this time will not be accepted. 

If you require any further information or are unsure about any aspect of the application process including the suitability of your child for an Art award, please contact the admissions team on admissions@belmontschool.com or the Head of Art on jmcnulty@belmontschool.com