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Belmont - Co-curricular


Complementing the rich academic curriculum, Belmont has an exciting and broad co-curricular programme that runs alongside the academic lessons.

We firmly believe that learning does not just take place in the classroom and instead, all Belmontains have the opportunity to develop new skills, gain experience of leadership, and challenge themselves and to support others, whilst constantly developing their character in all they do. The all-round, holistic learning experience of a Belmont pupil is at the heart of all we do and the breadth of activities on offer, reflects this ethos.

With over 90 activities on offer before, during and after school we know each child will find something they love and through hard work and commitment, be their best they can be at it. The vast majority of clubs are free and run by our dedicated and passionate set of teachers. Belmontians are encouraged to lead where appropriate and we strongly encourage pupils to start up their own club, where there is shared interest not covered by existing groups. These can cover a mix of academic and non-academic themes including coding, drones, history, music, science and sport.

The club programme changes termly to give as many pupils as possible a chance to try new activities and develop their widening skill set. The vast majority of clubs are free and run by our dedicated and passionate set of teachers. Due to the nature of some of our clubs there is a termly fee as we rely on either outside teachers/coaches or require certain equipment and resources.

For most clubs we offer an all welcome, inclusive entry point. There are some activities however which will be invite-only due to the nature of the activity. Where this occurs, please note all pupils will have an opportunity to participate in an open to all equivalent of the club to ensure no child is left behind.

We are very proud of the breadth and indeed the quality of the clubs on offer and are confident that the pupils have an enormous amount of fun whilst learning and participating in them.

For any queries relating to the activities programme, please contact Miss Goldthorpe, Director of Sport & Activities  (lgoldthorpe@belmontschool.com) or Mrs Perrin, Director of Music (gperrin@belmontschool.com) or Mrs Russo, Director of Drama (lrusso@belmontschool.com)