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The key aim of the Belmont Art Department is to encourage each child to have a lifelong interest and enjoyment of Art.

The Art Department encourages every pupil to have a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of Art. Art teaching at Belmont is lively, challenging, and wide-ranging. The Department employs innovative teaching and assessment methods to create a supportive and nurturing learning environment. Our staff will introduce your child to as many different art forms as possible, including painting, printing, and clay work – we even have our own kiln!  

Art is explored through themed topics; pupils learn traditional and contemporary approaches to making art. They experiment with various materials and techniques to create their ideas. Repetition of key skills allows pupils to become increasingly confident in their abilities. The Department seeks to ensure that all pupils are proud of the art they create.  

Pupils explore art’s rich history by looking at a broad range of artists from various times and places. Within the curriculum, pupils are given the opportunity to visit major art galleries in London and further afield. These visits are inspiring and help pupils to consider art’s cultural significance around the world.  

The Department has a flourishing 11+ and 13+ Art Scholarship programme; these sessions enable pupils to work with the department on their scholarship submissions. The eventual outcome is that they become gifted, independent artists.  

As the pupils move on to their chosen senior school, they are fully prepared for the future challenges that lie ahead within the diverse subject of Art.