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Belmont - Pastoral care

Pastoral Care

At Belmont we believe that a child who is happy and safe in their environment will flourish; Pastoral Care is at the core of everything we do at Belmont.

Our staff understand that each child needs subtly different approaches to make the best progress. Our teachers are highly skilled, motivated and compassionate, and they love their work. In Years 3-5 your child will enjoy the continuity of working daily with their form tutor, as well as with subject specialists. By Year 6 they will be ready to learn every subject with a specialist teacher.

In small classes with an average of 19 pupils, and often smaller classes for our Lower School, we use both traditional teaching and learning methods and innovative approaches using IT, inquiry-based projects and peer-to-peer learning. We actively teach and model our core values of caring, compassion and resilience every day and in every activity we do. The backbone of our Pastoral Care is our system of individual tutors who will support your child on each step of their journey.

Belmont is a Christian foundation based upon the principles of religious freedom. Our pupils represent a wide range of faiths and cultures. Chapel services and assemblies place a strong emphasis on moral and mutual respect.

Our Foundation Chaplain offers support to pupils and staff of all faiths and no faith and our weekly Chapel services provide an opportunity to gather as a community to reflect on what it means to live well together.

Smooth transition to Mill Hill at 13+

We find that pupils do best in the nurturing environment of Belmont until the end of Year 8. With the best quality specialist teaching and facilities, we prepare them for their move to Mill Hill School at 13+. We help them to develop confidence and self-esteem and to become more socially assured and academically mature. Because our pupils are not required to sit an entry exam to Mill Hill, moving on is a stress free and positive experience for which they are completely ready.

In 2020, the Independent Schools Inspection Report found “The quality of pastoral care is excellent. Staff know pupils well and relationships are extremely positive, both between pupils and staff and amongst pupils themselves.”

Please click here to visit the Policies and Procedures page where our Safeguarding Policy can be found.