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Belmont - English


In English lessons, we foster an environment of creativity and critical thinking. We promote the learning of key skills through a variety of creative avenues, including writing, speaking and listening, structured essay writing, drama, art and media.

Children are invited to explore texts and concepts individually, as well as in groups to ensure ideas can be appreciated from multiple perspectives. Developing confident communication skills is imperative and our aim is to support children in their path to becoming articulate, literate individuals, with convincing and engaging opinions.

In English lessons at Belmont, children are taught both Literature and Language skills. In Language lessons, we develop skills that are vital for the 21st century: the ability to structure arguments, writing in a variety of forms, and analysing non-fiction texts. In Literature, we develop empathy within the children. Through studying a variety of genres, literary periods and themes, children become more critical about the world, considering people’s experiences from different classes, cultures and eras.

Outside of the classroom, children are given a wealth of opportunities to develop their learning through extra-curricular events. Reading is central to the development of children’s literacy skills, but the promotion of reading for pleasure is at the forefront of the department’s ethos. Each year the library runs a House Readathon, ‘Reading Week’ and various author visits.

The English department also encourage children to partake in competitions to extend and challenge their skills in English, including BBC 500-Word Stories, IAPs Performance Poetry and National Poetry Day.