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Mathematics is everywhere in our world, and as technology advances around us we are only presented with more applications for Mathematics.

This year, at Belmont, the target is to improve problem-solving skills across all year groups. To achieve this target, lessons include tasks where pupils have to apply their knowledge to solve real life problems, functional Maths problems, investigations or problems in context. These problems are either integrated into normal lessons or taught as specific problem solving lessons. The new GCSE places a greater emphasis on the ability to problem solve so it is imperative that we too are introducing these skills early and teaching our pupils to problem solve at KS2 and KS3.

In addition to this target, we seek to encourage our pupils to approach their mathematical learning with a growth mind-set. We strongly encourage pupils to take risks in their learning, and that mistakes are a useful part of the learning process.

Our calendar is brimming with events throughout the year that are opportunities for our children to further engage with the subject and deepen their learning, understanding and enthusiasm for Mathematics. From Lower School and Upper School House competitions, Maths puzzle days for all year groups, Lower School enrichment workshops,  and Upper School functional Maths projects, we endeavour to encourage all Belmont students to achieve their best in Mathematics.

Our students also visit local interschool competitions, and we prepare our children for national competitions such as the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge and the Mathematical Association’s Primary Maths Challenge.