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Activities & Clubs

In addition to the academic curriculum, we run over 70 clubs, and always make sure we offer a breadth and variety of activities that guarantee that every child can find their niche.

Our activities are designed to nurture your child’s intellectual ability, spark their creativity, inspire them, develop leadership and team skills, and – of course – to be fun

Spring Term Timetables 2019

Club Descriptors

Ancient Greek During Tuesday lunchtimes a certain number of Year 8 pupils will be invited to come to Room 8 to learn the language of Ancient Greek.

Mr. Clement

Art Club Art Club will be looking at a different artist or culture each week and practicing new techniques. Skills learnt will include working with lines; using shapes; exploring texture; understanding colour; investigating the natural and man made as well as learning about figures and faces. Each week will produce a different piece of work which will mostly arrive home with the pupils. We aim to be creative – and above all we aim to be brave about our decisions.

Please remember to supply an old shirt and a pair of old trousers to protect uniforms.

Art Scholars Year 8 pupils by invitation. During this time, children are given opportunities to explore personal ideas and work on independent projects.

Mr. McNulty

Baking Baking is one of the best ways for adults and children alike to relax after a busy day – there is also nothing better than a freshly baked treat straight out of the oven! If you would like to learn how to bake a range of goodies, from vanilla cupcakes to triple chocolate brownies, then Baking Club is for you! Places are limited to 10.
Book Club Each week, students will be encouraged to read a chapter of a chosen book and write some discussion questions. This club is designed to help develop critical thinking in response to a range of literature. It is open to all abilities, but will ideally be designed as an extension for the more able.

Miss Bufton and Mrs Hunt

BOP Dance BOP is a Dance club that focuses on motivation, discipline and performance.  Georgia and Lauren are really excited to bring their cheerleading, hip hop and street jazz skills to Belmont and work towards some amazing shows!

Pupils in the 2nd & 3rd session will complete their homework with a Belmont teacher in Rm13.

Georgia Greenham

Ceramics Ceramics for Year 3, 4, 5 with Caroline Couzens (External Art Specialist)

Pupils are taught how to use clay through a number of different techniques.

Chess This is a club open to anyone from beginner to advanced; come along and learn how to play.  There are also a number of competitions against other schools.
Coding This club will give pupils the opportunity to develop their coding skills further. As well as working on problem solving, collaborating, communicating, designing, creating and presenting.
Creative Get creative with your friends and make pictures, cards, pencil holders and a whole lot more!

This is a lunchtime activity for Year 3  (maximum 20 children) that will take place every Thursday in Rm25.

Mrs. Slade

 Cricket Cricket club provides the opportunity for boys and girls to continue developing their knowledge in batting, bowling and fielding in preparation for school matches. All pupils are welcome to attend sessions planned throughout lunchtimes and after school. Please refer to the timetables above.
Cross Country This club is open to all pupils who would like to improve their overall fitness levels by a variety of different activities.
D&T If you are enjoying your DT lessons and would like to further develop your skills and make more projects then DT Club is for you! Maybe create a gift for a family member or something for yourself. Come along and learn how to use more of our tools and equipment and push your creative boundaries.

Places are strictly limited to 10

DT Scholarship classes for Y8 pupils will continue on Friday lunchtime.

Mr Warden

Drawing Club Bring out the inner artist in you and try your hand at drawing a range of subjects. Using pencils only, you will learn how to sketch faces, people, animals and plants.
English Scholarship Year 8 students who have demonstrated flair, talent and outstanding effort in English may be asked to study for a Scholarship at Mill Hill School. The scholarship process is designed to challenge the best students in the close analysis and critical interpretation of a variety of literary texts, drawn from any genre and period. The students will also develop their ability to write in a well-structured, mature and imaginative manner in response to prompt questions and evaluate their own opinions in response to a variety of viewpoints. Potential scholars will be identified following the Y8 November tests and will have their interview and short writing piece in January. Those sitting for Scholarship are supported through study sessions run by the Head of English at Belmont. Mill Hill Head of English will also spend some time meeting with students and running a workshop prior to the interview.

Miss Bufton

Fencing Fencing is an amazing sport for everyone. You don’t have to be sporty or athletic to get started. It is an excellent all-around workout that enhances one’s reflexes and co-ordination skills. Fencing also encourages discipline and control and helps builds focus and concentration.  The diversity of physical, psychological and mental skills learned from fencing means that it holds a child’s interest much better than a more mainstream sport. Our highly trained team of coaches have extensive experiences in youth athletic development as well as the exciting world of international fencing and look forward to inspiring a new generation of athletes!
Fives Eton Fives is a very rare and unique sport played in a three walled court with a step and buttress in the court with ledges around the outside. Belmont plays many fixtures at all age groups against many local schools and competes at the National Schools Championship in March. It aids other sports like Hockey and Cricket significantly. Trainers are a minimum requirement. If you are unable to make the training session indicated in the table please talk to me.

Mr Rennie


French Surgery An opportunity for Year 8 pupils to drop-in for some extra help and support in French!
Geography Club Year 8 have the opportunity to look more deeply into current/ recent global geographical issues/ occurrences and will also be creating electronic resources.

Mr Hayward

Girls US Football Upper School Girls Football Club with Miss List. A great opportunity for Upper school girls to improve their individual football skills, learnt through drills and small sided games.
Gymnastics Come along and learn how to travel, balance and rotate safely individually and in groups; on the floor and using apparatus.
History An activity for pupils in Years 6-8 who enjoy learning about History. Club will be held every Friday in Room 33.

Included in activities are possible trips to various sites in Britain, also chances to be involved in occasional overseas trips. There will also be an opportunity for those entering the Townsend-Warner History Prize (Yr7-8) to develop their skills during this activity. Other activities include watching videos, quizzes, games, etc. No cost except for trips.

Hockey Goalkeeping Clinic Whether you have played before or fancy seeing what it’s like to pad up and face saving a few goals; come to goal keeper clinic and have a go. You never know, you might end up being the new Maddy Hinch
Horse Riding Horse Riding for (Year 4 upwards) at the London Equestrian Centre.

Parents to collect from the London Equestrian Centre at 5:30pm, children who are booked on the late bus will be brought back to school at 5:45pm. Parents should contact the stables, 24 hours notice is needed if lessons are going to be missed.

Italian Kids Club The Italian Kids Club comes back with a full new programme and tons of different activities. We’ll explore new worlds and characters every week, from pirates and ghosts to spies and warriors, learning the language through role playing games and storytelling. The Club is open to everybody, and the lessons have been carefully planned to ensure that both the beginners and the more expert children can actively participate and learn something new and exciting every week. Oh, and the alien Buz will be there too!
Keyboard Skills Challenge Do you like playing fun, challenging adventure games? Do you want to learn to type quickly? Yes? Then this club is definitely for you!

Typer Island is a wonderful mysterious place full of bridges, rewards and challenges. The better your typing becomes the more treasures you will find. Your goal is to reach the Castle and become the ruler of Typer Island. The adventure consists of several fun typing activities, including lessons, games and challenges. Just follow the path to the castle and you will be touch-typing in no time.

Lego Come along and be creative with ‘Lego’ – the world’s most popular toy. Build your own models to put on display in Room 20 for a week. Then next week, pull them apart and start again, with an even better creation! Members are also asked to bring along their spare unwanted lego to help the rest of the club with their creative inventions.   Club numbers are limited to 16 pupils.

The Lemon Jelly Drama Club offers a fun way to gain confidence, make new friends and have fun! Our classes also help improve participants creative, public speaking and literacy skills.

Maths Clinic If you have a problem in Maths (small or big, easy or hard) please do not suffer in silence!

Maths clinic is now running every day except on Wednesdays for Upper School pupils.

If you are stuck on a prep or have not understood something in a lesson please drop in to the Maths clinic with your books to discuss your problems with a member of the Maths team.

Maths clinic is intended for sorting out any difficulties pupils may experience during the course of the year. Staff will deal with reinforcing skills and helping with misconceptions. There is no set list of topics for individual sessions.

Pupils need to bring their own ‘questions’ to the surgery, the emphasis being on the individual to attend rather than the teacher recommending attendance.

The Maths Department

Music Theory Clubs (LS & US) If you want to learn how to read music, understand time signatures, key signatures and get to know how music works then come along to Music theory club! You can prepare to take theory exams or just enjoy improving your skills. All abilities are welcome. Hope to see you there!

Lower School – Tuesday 12.35 – 1.00pm

Upper School – Wednesday 1.30 – 2.00pm

OTI All those interested in running the Oti course in a competitive manner should report to the start of the course.

Mr Ince will be waiting for the first arrivals.  Boys and girls should change in the top changing rooms.  Pupils will then aim to improve their times and become familiar with the run.

Phonics & Pronounciation This club will be open to Years 3,4 & 5. The club will be an introduction to the phonetic chart, sounds of English and articulation.
STEM Advanced STEM Advance is for Year 8 ONLY and is on a Wednesday after school.

First half-term

The BP Ultimate STEM challenge will comprise of a basic project which will take around 6-10 hours to complete. The theme for spring half-term’s sessions will be focused on ‘Reimagining something that really could change peoples’ lives for the better’.

They will be in groups of 2-4, students may be required to also work on the project independently. This will then be submitted.

  • They will need to document the process and will come up with a short video or a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Finalists will be announced in March and the Grand Final
    will be held in June.
  • Amazing day at the Science Museum in London for the grand final
  • £1,000 worth of prizes to be won
  • Prize bag full of Science Museum and STEM goodies
  • All entries shortlisted for the semi-finals will receive a prestigious Bronze CREST Award from the British Science Association

Second half-term TBC

STEM Club STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)

STEM club can provide students with an opportunity to gain teamwork and leadership skills and increase confidence in the STEM subjects.

STEM GEEKS will be held every Monday lunchtime in Room 37. Here students get to work on a great range of activities and practical work in all aspects of STEM.

(Please come and see Mrs Caldwell for lunchtime passes or more information)

STEM Junior STEM Junior is for Year 6 ONLY and is on a Tuesday after school.

First half-term

The Jaguar Primary School Challenge will be the project for spring half term.

It will involve designing and manufacturing the fastest car possible within a set of rules, following the design and engineering processes employed by real engineering companies like Jaguar Land Rover.

  • Pupils in teams will research, design and create model racing cars, learning about aerodynamic forces, efficiency, mathematics and the principles of design.
  • The teams are also given the chance to experiment with the electrification of their vehicles, considering the design considerations of using alternative energy sources.
  • Our teams then compete to be crowned National Champions, producing design portfolios, presenting to the judges and culminating in the ultimate test of speed with a pulsating head-to-head race.

Second half-term TBC

STEM Robotics Are you ready to accept the challenge of designing and building a robotic arm or a robot to clean up rubbish in our waterways? Join STEM Robotics today!

STEM Robotics Club provides our students with high quality, practical STEM sessions using the fantastic Lego Robotics kits in conjunction with an iPad coding app. The weekly challenges specifically designed for Year 8 students are highly engaging and encourage problem solving, peer work and resilience. Best of all, our students can strive to create extensions for their designs, be a part of House challenges and even be part of National competitions!

Student Newspaper A newspaper for students written by students!

Aspiring reporters, journalists, comedians, artists, poets, photographers …If you have a skill, we need you!

Led by talented year 8 editors, you will have the opportunity to share your news about the wonderful Belmont- from your eyes and in your words!

You will also get the chance to take part in the country wide BBC School News Report Competition.

Sign up and spread the news!

Swimming Year 4-8 Tuesday, Year 2 & 3 Thursday

Open all pupils who can swim lengths; swimming squad training takes place every Tuesday & Thursday morning before school.

Please be at Mill Hill pool for a 7:00am start.  For 30/45 minutes we concentrate on lengths’ work, sprints, race starts and endurance development.

Table Tennis Gergely Urban runs our table tennis clubs.  Whilst playing he has been nationally and internationally ranked as a singles player and coaches some of the best junior boys and girls nationwide.  He will be coaching at Belmont to hone the skills of all abilities across all ages.
Tang Soo Do This is a Korean martial art of self-defence.  Tang Soo Do is taught in a non-contact environment. Training includes the teaching of self defence techniques, hand and foot techniques, controlled sparring and free fighting, stances, pattern forms, and breathing exercises.   Beginner classes are suitable for all year groups. The classes follow a structured teaching and grading program leading to Black Belt qualification.

Participants can train in ordinary loose clothing for the first few lessons but will require a training uniform and club membership.

Year 8 Play The Year 8 Show is one of the most exciting times in the school year which we look forward to with much anticipation. Auditions begin straight away this term on Tuesday and Fridays after school in the chapel and then, as soon as the show has been cast, a rehearsal schedule will be sent out and rehearsals take place at the same times (4-5pm in the chapel on Tuesdays and Fridays) It is essential that pupils who are scheduled to rehearse that day come to every rehearsal. As the show gets nearer, the schedule gets busier but it is all worth it in the end. This year we are doing a musical so Year 8, I hope you are in good voice!
Creative Writing Club As they say: ‘you can borrow a book, but you get to keep the ideas’. This club is all about celebrating writing: writers from the canon, modern writers, your favourite writers (…and Mr McBurnie’s favourite writers). Each week, students will read a text of choice and engage with the writer’s construction: themes, ideas, language and structure. With these skills, they will then create their own literary greats. Mr McBurnie

Monday 1.35-2.05pm Year 6-8 in R39

Vex IQ A robotics club that allows our pupils who are interested in robotic and coding to explore the subject in a fun, exciting manner. It encourages creativity through easy-to-use construction systems and approachable technology.

Throughout your time in the club we will build and program our robots to take on an internationally designed challenge that allows us to compete against other schools through regional to national competitions.

This is not a boys club, my aim is also to create a girls team that can take on the best schools in the country.