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ISI Inspection Report

Inspection Reports

Read and download our latest ISI Inspection Report here:

Highlights of the report:


“The school celebrates its diversity and encourages pupils to be self-aware.”

“The PSHE programme and assemblies are effective in promoting equality and respect for all groups of people.”

“Respect and tolerance are core elements of the school’s ethos.”

“The curriculum provides opportunities for pupils throughout the school to learn about their own and other cultures.”


“Peoples who speak EAL achieve well at GCSE and their results are significantly above national averages.”

“The teaching of English as an additional language (EAL) is a significant strength of the school.”

“Pupils who speak English as an additional language typically make rapid progress as a result of specialist teaching adapted to meet the needs of pupils and enabling them to access the full curriculum.”

Behaviour/ Pastoral

“School leaders set high expectations of pupils behaviour and make it clear that bullying is unacceptable.”

“Pupils trust the staff to have their best interests at heart and so grow in self esteem and confidence.”


“There is an open and transparent culture in which staff are vigilant and prioritised people safety.”

“The cordial and trusting relationships which exist between staff and pupils contribute to the culture where safeguarding is of paramount importance.”

“Pupils feel safe at school, and know who to approach if they are worried or have any safeguarding concerns.”


“Boarding accommodation is well maintained and welcoming and boarding staff effectively promote the integration of Mill Hill international pupils into the boarding houses.”

“Boarders appreciate the opportunity they have to live and learn in an inclusive and supportive boarding community.”


“Oracy is promoted in every lesson with pupils encouraged to discuss in small groups and to present to the class as a whole. Pupils communicate well both in writing and orally and develop self-confidence through opportunities to take part in drama productions.”

“Numeracy skills are well developed and pupils apply these skills effectively in a range of subjects, for example, in the sciences.”

“Pupils develop effective skills in the creative subjects and many examples of pupil artwork and design pieces are displayed around the school.”

“Teachers and knowledgeable and lessons are well planned which helps pupils to make good progress and to attain well.”

“Pupil achievement of the highest grades at GCSE is significantly above the national average.”

“Pupils are appreciative of the lengths staff go to in providing support for them, such as the lunchtime clinics.”


“The extensive enrichment and co-curricular programme provides pupils with opportunities to develop skills in a range of activities.

Pupils have opportunities to contribute to life beyond the school through varied activities such as helping pensioners with digital skills and also sharing cookery classes with them.”

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