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One-Year GCSE Course

The One-Year GCSE course is an intensive programme which consolidates two years of study into just one year.  The course is suitable for those pupils who may have transferred to the UK at the end of Year 10 (or equivalent) and therefore need to complete their GCSE studies in one year.  The course is also suitable for those international pupils who wish to study A levels but who first need an introduction to the British curriculum, seen as a Pre-A Level course.

Upon completion of the course, pupils may transfer to Mill Hill School to study A levels, subject to meeting entry requirements.  Our Year 11 pupils are given guidance relating to the internal Year 12 application process early in the Autumn term.

Pupils study Mathematics and English as their core curriculum. To recognise the variety of educational and cultural backgrounds that pupils come from and their individual interests and aptitudes, particularly language proficiency, the pupils then select three options.

Pupils are advised to think about breadth of study although this may not always be appropriate or achievable.

The structure of the curriculum for this year is as follows:

Core examined subjects English (First Language or Second Language, as appropriate). Mathematics (plus Additional Mathematics, as appropriate)
Other Examined Subjects Art and Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design and Technology (D&T), Economics, Geography, History, Physics, Psychology
Non-examined Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE), Physical Education (PE)
Enrichment All pupils participate in an Enrichment programme. For pupils who study Art and Design or Design and Technology this will be in the form of additional workshop time. Other pupils take part in community work which involves volunteering to work within the wider School Foundation, such as teaching in the Pre-Prep School, Grimsdell, or volunteering in Mill Hill Community, such as charity shops or working with one of the School’s charities, Age UK. Also offered in the Enrichment programme is the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze).
Activities All pupils participate in the School’s co-curricular programme.
Community All pupils have the opportunity to participate in community action activities.

Download our One-Year GCSE Curriculum Guide here.

Guidance for pupils: Choosing your subjects

What do you enjoy?
Clearly it is very important to study subjects you enjoy. Think about what attracts you to a subject: its approach, content, practical work, projects, experiments or even the teacher. Be careful not to be too influenced by the latter, though, as you may be taught by someone else next year.

What are your strengths?
Again, these must influence your choice because they may help you to achieve the high grades necessary for future progress.

What is the advice of your teachers?
Obviously, you must consider this carefully. On occasion, it may even happen that parents and teachers offer conflicting advice. It may help you in sorting out such difficulties if you consult either your Housemaster or Housemistress or your Tutor.

How much coursework is involved?
The amount of coursework varies from subject to subject. The individual subject entries in the curriculum guide should give details of coursework requirements.

What is the relationship of these subjects to Sixth Form courses?
When you move on to the Sixth Form you will be expected to study four subjects for the first year. For most subjects it is important to have taken the GCSE but this is not the case for all of them. All GCSE subjects are currently available in the Sixth Form. You will also have the opportunity to start Business Studies, Economics and Government and Politics.

Pupil Testimonial

“I come from Colombia, a country where education is not prioritised; nor is the newest generation.  Mill Hill International was a place where I found what I had not in Colombia; a passion for education and nurturing the next generation.  Having never before stepped so many times outside of my comfort zone, I was amazed at what I encountered here”

– Joshua, Colombia, Year 11

“I improved my English very much.  I learned a lot in Maths and I have become more independent.  That is the biggest thing I will take from here; just having that feeling that I can go to a different country alone and not be scared of it any more.”

– Ela, Germany, Year 11

“It was really intense, especially in Biology as we were learning a new unit every week.  However, I am glad we could just focus on a few subjects.  I think I learnt a great sense of self-discipline.  This came from adapting a study routine aimed at helping me achieve my target grades”

Sungu, Turkey, Year 11