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An offer is made subject to satisfactory performance in entrance tests and interview.

To accept the offer, the Acceptance Form must be completed and signed by the pupils’ paren(s) and an Acceptance Deposit of £2000 must be paid. If the pupil is staying for a full academic year or longer, a further Additional Terms Deposit needs to be made.

A CAS is issued to full boarding pupils requiring a Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa.

Before the pupil enrols in September, further forms need to be completed:

For all pupils

  • Health Declaration Form
  • Day Visits Parental Consent Form
  • Individual Music Lessons Request Form (optional)

For pupils commencing the One Year GCSE or Two Year GCSE course

  • GCSE Option Form

For boarders

  • Guardianship Agreement Form
  • Off Site Visits Parental Consent Form

Further information is shared with pupils, parents and agents before enrolment in September:

  • Uniform Information
  • Pupil and Parent Handbook
  • Expectations and Standards

Parents are encouraged to read through the School website.