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English as a First Language

Pupils who have an intermediate and higher proficiency in English enjoy a varied course in which a range of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, are studied and created.

Year 9

English lessons are divided into discrete sections: Literature, Integrated Skills, Oracy and Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Regular internal assessments based on these allow the School to determine whether pupils should proceed with the First Language syllabus at GCSE.

Two Year GCSE Course

Pupils follow the new syllabus for Cambridge Assessment International Education IGCSE First Language English (0990). Pupils study and create a variety of complex, challenging and interesting texts, both fiction and non-fiction. The course develops and enhances high proficiency in English by discussing, editing and crafting writing as well as debating how writers use language to create meaning. In addition to written English, pupils create and perform their own individual presentation on a topic of their choice; they are assessed on their ability to present, listen to follow up questions and then respond appropriately. The course is inventive, interactive and discussion-heavy, with emphasis on the wider reading of challenging English-language novels as a way of engaging with and improving on skills inherent in the study of English.

One Year GCSE Course

Pupils on this course also follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education IGCSE First Language English (0990) syllabus. It is likely that these pupils will have previously accessed education in English, and have a solid base to meet the skills that their peers on the Two Year GCSE course have developed during their time at The Mount, Mill Hill International.

There are further opportunities for pupils to develop their English throughout the year such as theatre trips that complement the courses, a focus on regular silent reading for pleasure, engagement in debating clubs both at The Mount, Mill Hill International and Mill Hill School, and a partnership with Grimsdell pre-prep school in which pupils are paired up with Reception pupils as regular guided reading buddies.