Collinson House opened our doors for the first time to some 50 boys in 1903. In our 115-year history, there have only been 10 Housemasters. This stability is characteristic of the calm of boarding life here. While we live in the present and look to the future, the warmth of memories is around the building and we are regularly visited by alumni hoping to see again where their formative years unfolded.

We are co-educational now, of course, and fully in tune with what that means pastorally. We have a social common room, a prep and dining area and all manner of conveniences such as pool table, table tennis, satellite TV and wi-fi. We enjoy a full programme of events, some in-House and some with other Houses. These reflect the sporting and cultural interests of staff and pupils, and evolve constantly.

Our most important resource is our staff, all of whom are fundamentally committed to the pupils’ pastoral wellbeing and academic success. Our Matron looks after every domestic detail; her eye is always watchful for our young people and her kettle is ever on. I am joined also by two resident graduate assistants. My wife is on hand too. We are in loco parentis and take that role and privilege with the utmost seriousness. Indeed, my own children have grown up here. In this House every pupil is welcome; every pupil is valued.

Peter Lawson (Housemaster, Collinson House)