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The Art Department comprises two multi-disciplinary fully equipped Art studios, and open access to our ICT room with full use of the Adobe Creative Suite.

As a vibrant and vital part of the school community, the Art Department provides pupils with a year round studio environment and encourages further use as part of the co-curricular Creative Arts Programme.

Pupils are encouraged to develop an in depth understanding of Art and Design and are given the opportunity to explore their own ideas. Self-expression and reflection are a fundamental part of the course while drawing on the pupils’ own Art and Design heritage, expanding their knowledge of Western art forms and practical skill.

Year 9

Pupils enjoy a comprehensive course focused on the history of Art from around the world, Art and Design theory, and a wide range of practical skills to promote self-expression and art analysis. Lessons aim to improve pupils’ practical art-making skills and expand the use of visual language to compare and contrast their own work.

Two Year GCSE Course

Pupils work towards GCSE Art, Craft and Design (1AD0) from Pearson Edexcel. In the first year pupils focus on skills required for the qualification. Pupils create studies in response to the work of well-known artists, exploring the artists’ use of colour, composition and the impact on the viewer. In the second year pupils complete a personal project focusing on a clear line of enquiry with a view to making an insightful creative response. During the final term pupils embark on an externally set project which utilises their knowledge gained in the previous two terms, while developing an imaginative and meaningful final exam piece.

One Year GCSE Course

Pupils also follow the same GCSE in Art, Craft and Design (1AD0) from Pearson Edexcel. Pupils start their personal project during the Spring Term, having spent the Autumn Term honing their artistic skills. Pupils work on the externally set project at the same time as their peers on the Two Year GCSE course.

There are opportunities to participate in a weekly Art club which develops craft based skills in Art making with a goal to produce a collaborative outcome, displayed in the school. Each year pupils are selected to participate in the distinguished annual National Art Competition run by the ISA (Independent Schools Association), and attend gallery visits to major London galleries.