Online Payments

Our partnership with StudyPay, who provide online payment solutions for British schools and universities, allows us to offer online payments for registration, deposits and school fees.

You will be able to pay in your own currency at competitive rates which will be made available to you at the time of your payment. You will find information below explaining StudyPay’s high level of security, how payment in your own currency works, and the steps you will need to take in order to make the payment.


StudyPay is a division of Baydonhill Ltd set-up specifically to cater for payments services across the education sector; from agents, boarding schools and universities, to the students and educators. Our service provides total transparency on foreign currency exchange and transaction fees, minimising excessive bank fees, eliminating deductions on transfers whilst reducing merchant fee costs. We offer a range of payment platforms and online card payment facilities alongside a global network of local bank transfer solutions to facilitate and simplify global payments seamlessly and safely.

Click here for online payments via StudyPay Schools Payment Gateway

How it works

Using the payment page of a client of Baydonhill to make a payment to them.

Our 3-step process:
  • Step 1 – Choose your currency

    Provide a few basic details, choose the currency you would like to pay with and select from the available payment methods.

  • Step 2 – Transfer funds

    Provide your card details or make a local bank transfer to one of our local accounts around the world.

  • Step 3 – Receive funds

    Your payment will be sent to your recipient’s bank account in their country.

It’s that simple!

So who is Baydonhill?

Baydonhill Ltd is a regulated FX company incorporated under the Companies Act 1985 since 20th January 2000. Co. Number: 03910588. Baydonhill Ltd is authorised by the (FCA) Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 to carry out payment services. Our company reference number is 535939.

Are my funds safe?

Yes, completely! On receipt, your funds will be held in a secure segregated client account at all times.

How long does a transaction take?

Once we have received and identified your payment in our local bank account, or once your card transaction has completed, we immediately make payment from our account to the recipient. Generally these payments are sent for same day delivery, but receipt will depend on time zones and where your recipient’s bank account is held.

How much does it cost?

The fee for your transaction will be confirmed to you before you complete your order. These vary depending on payment route and payment method selected, but rest assured that using this service will be considerably cheaper than the high international wire transaction fees normally charged by banks!

Is my information safe?

Absolutely. Baydonhill handles all information that you supply in strict accordance with the UK Data Protection Act (1998). Read our privacy policy here:

Who can I contact for assistance?

If you have an enquiry, please contact us by phone or email, stating your name, the nature of your query, and how we can help you. We will ensure the relevant person that can resolve your issue gets in touch with you as soon as possible.

Tel: +44 (0) 207 594 0505

Click here for online payments via StudyPay Schools Payment Gateway

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