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Pastoral Support for Boarders

Pastoral Support for our Boarders is of paramount importance to us.

Our staff are trained in Mental Health First Aid, and other mental health and Boarding Schools Association training, and there are a range of people that boarders can turn to when they need support.

Independent Listener

Our Boarders are fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with our Independent Listener, David Woodrow, who knows the school well and will be sympathetic to pupils’ concerns. He is ready to listen to any personal issues or concerns pupils might have and to talk them through if they would like to speak to someone  privately. He is happy to meet with pupils at School, and visits the School from time to time.
His contact information is provided to pupils within their Boarding House and he is always readily available.


Whilst our boarders can talk to any of our boarding staff, we also have fully qualified counsellors for pupils to talk to. Pupils are able to self-refer as needed.