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Chemistry is taught exclusively in a specialist laboratory, which promotes an emphasis on the practical nature of the subject through practical work.

Year 9

The course aims to consolidate knowledge and general understanding of Chemistry, improve critical thinking and problem solving skills, develop experimental skills and encourage safe practice, improve the scientific literacy of pupils and encourage effective communication using scientific language.

Two Year GCSE Course

Pupils work towards the Cambridge Assessment International Education IGCSE in Chemistry (0971). The programme of study seeks to enable pupils to demonstrate their understanding and critical thinking, apply their knowledge of chemical reactions to solving analytical problems and carry out calculations in Chemistry.

One Year GCSE Course

Pupils on this course also work towards IGCSE Chemistry (0971). Pupils studying towards this qualification are encouraged to be critical of the impacts both beneficial and detrimental to communities and the environment, and to contextualise the ethical issues relating to developments in technology.

The School is equipped with a wide range of apparatus and chemicals which are used by pupils in order to develop expertise in experimental techniques. There is also access to excellent interactive resources such as TWIG Science.

There is a weekly Science club which seeks explore investigations outside the demands of the curriculum to consolidate understanding of Chemistry and to enable pupils to appreciate the applications of Science in a broader context.

In addition, there are opportunities during the academic year for Mill Hill International pupils to visit the Science Museum and carry out field work to enhance their experience of Chemistry and its applications.