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Computer Science

All pupils in Years 9 and 10 take Computing and gain experience in the use of Python programming, HTML and CSS web languages as well as the fundamentals of computing such as binary, logic circuits and algorithm structures.

In Year 11 pupils may choose to take GCSE Computer Science as an option.  The course spans topics from binary data through to security and ethics. Pupils also solve a range of practical problems using their coding knowledge. For their examination, pupils are given a pre-released information sheet containing a design brief. Leading up to the exam, pupils break down the tasks into sequences (algorithms) in order to solve each problem. Their final program should be fully functioning and solve the tasks.

The rapidly changing world of computing affects nearly everything we do in our daily lives. As such pupils who study this subject area have a significant advantage in their possible future employment, opening doors to areas of industry that don’t yet exist!

Pupils have the opportunity to take part in clubs that cross over Design and Technology and Computing. We run Arduino and Micobit clubs where pupils use programming and electronics to operate microcontrollers.