International - School meals

School Meals

There are three eating areas within the Mill Hill School Foundation: The Dining Hall and The Refectory at Mill Hill School and the Dining Hall at The Mount, Mill Hill International.

Mill Hill prides itself on the production of healthy and wholesome meals provided by our catering team. Boarders are offered three cooked meals a day in the School’s dining hall, and our day pupils are offered lunch. All food costs are included in the School fees.

We are committed to providing healthy food and encouraging in our pupils a lifelong interest in nutrition.

  • We serve fresh fruit every day
  • We cook with mono-unsaturated oil
  • We only use lean meats
  • We regularly offer recipes which include oily fish
  • We always use ingredients that are lower in fat, salt and sugar
  • Special dietary requirements can be provided for by consultation with the catering manager.
  • Halal meat is available.

The pupils have a regular input in the menus offered through the regular meetings of the Food Councils. The Catering Manager has an open door policy and pupils are encouraged to discuss their food preferences and ideas.