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A Day in the Life

Daily Life

School starts with Registration at 8:20am (Monday to Friday).

Lessons begin at 8:55am. They end at 4:25pm except when there are games when they finish at 3:25pm.

At the weekend, there is a Saturday morning programme, which is compulsory for boarders but is also a popular option for day pupils. The first session begins at 9:30am and the morning programme ends at 12:30pm.

After each day’s timetabled lessons the school runs an extensive Games and Activities programme. This programme runs up to around 5:45pm on Monday to Friday. Sports fixtures also take place on Saturdays. Each pupil’s involvement in the Games and Activities programme varies, so the time at which pupils are free to leave school can vary. However, the pattern of leaving times will generally stay the same each week.

Watch the video below to find out more about life at Mill Hill International.