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A Typical Boarding Week

As well as a busy schedule of lessons and independent study, a typical week as a Boarder at includes an abundance of co-curricular activities, such as weekly sports clubs or music ensembles, in addition to weekend trips into London and the surrounding areas.


07:10 – Wake Up

07:45 – 08:15 – Breakfast

08:20 – 08:45 – Registration

Lessons at Mill Hill International or Mill Hill School

17:30 – Dinner

18:20 – House Assembly

18:30 – Prep (Monday – Friday)

20:30 – Free time

21:30-23:00 – Bedtime/Lights Out – varies across year groups


09:30 – Morning Activities

12:30 – Opportunity to visit Mill Hill Broadway or London, within groups. Expected return times vary across year groups.


Brunch is provided for pupils and there is a greater flexibility about how pupils manage their time. There is the opportunity participate in activities or trips, relax, catch up on prep, or visit Mill Hill Broadway or central London.