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Humanities – Year 9 and 10

Pupils in Years 9 and 10 study Geography, History and Philosophy.

These subjects provide opportunities for pupils to explore their own ideas about a wide range of issues both in the UK and in their own countries. Pupils begin to learn to listen to the views of others and engage in meaningful and respectful discussions; they are encouraged to keep abreast of the news.


In Years 9 and 10 Philosophy is taught through discussions which include current topics in the news, issues raised in lessons or a stand-alone lesson based on a particular theme. They provoke thought and encourage pupils to express their views with confidence.


In Year 9 pupils study the changing face of population and the issues faced by growing and decreasing populations. In Physical Geography pupils explore rivers and how erosion and deposition shape the land as well as the impact of flooding on the natural and human environment. The causes and problems faced by countries with food shortages are studied, and the solutions that could be implemented. Pupils learn to read an Ordnance Survey map using symbols, grid references and scale.

In Year 10 pupils explore the reasons for the different levels of development in LEDCs and MEDCs. In Physical Geography Plate Tectonics, the effects of earthquakes and volcanoes and the management of these natural hazards are explored in detail. Tropical storms are also studied looking at the formation and impact globally. Pupils explore coastal environments and how the power of the sea shapes the coastline.


In Year 9 pupils are introduced to key events in 20th Century British History. Through these topics pupils learn to use source based materials and explore areas of particular interest using Power Point or Google Slides to present their chosen information.
In Year 10 pupils study The Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations before moving on to key parts of WWII. Pupils develop their analysis of source based material as well as their extended writing through these topics.