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Business Studies

IGCSE Business Studies gives pupils a good overall understanding of how businesses work.

It helps pupils understand how businesses are set up, how they are managed and how they respond to changes in the environment in which they work. Whatever choices pupils make in their professional lives, the chances are that it will involve business. If they want a career as an Engineer, a Scientist or even an Artist, it is useful to understand the way a business is run.

During the one year course, Year 11 pupils cover a range of topics in relation to both small and large businesses including starting a small business or the different type of business organisations, finance, marketing, people and operational management. This provides a good background for when pupils come to make decisions on a wide range of issues, from career choices to decisions about products and services they use on a daily basis.

The course content covers concepts which affect individuals, organisations, societies, regions, nations and the global economy. The course covers:

  • How to start a business
  • How businesses market themselves
  • How businesses survive by managing their cashflow
  • The ways a business recruits and motivates staff
  • The different production methods available to businesses
  • The structure and importance of communication systems within a business