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Each week, we arrange two full-day excursions for our students. One excursion takes them to nearby London, while the other explores charming destinations such as Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick Castle, and the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

In London, our visits may include popular attractions like The London Eye, a scenic River Thames Cruise, The British Museum, and The Tower of London. Brighton is always a favourite, combining the attraction of a typical English seaside resort with the historical interest of the Royal Pavilion and the craft shops lining the narrow streets of the Lanes. The ancient university cities of Oxford and Cambridge offer the opportunity to tour a college and try punting on the river.

The Harry Potter Studio tour is conveniently located less than half an hour’s drive from Mill Hill. It offers a fascinating insight into the making of the movies, with many original props, sets and costumes. Other visits include the historic Warwick Castle and Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, England’s most celebrated playwright. Additionally, we organise evening trips to central London, providing an excellent opportunity to soak in the atmosphere of our capital city, which is just a half-hour journey from Mill Hill.

All excursions are led and supervised by our dedicated staff. Students aged 12 to 14 are accompanied at all times, ensuring their safety, while those aged 15 to 17 have the chance to explore independently for short periods, encouraging them to immerse themselves in their surroundings. Sightseeing, cultural visits and even shopping provide contexts within which speaking and listening skills are put to the test. They are also great fun and provide memories to last a lifetime.