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Medical Centre

We have a full time School Nurse, Mrs Anita Hurst. Anita is available five days a week from 8:00am until 4:00pm.

After these hours teaching staff with paediatric first aid training are available if required. Pupils are offered first aid treatment plus immediate care and advice for illness, together with guidance on the management of existing conditions. All of this takes place in close communication with parents and teaching staff. The work of the nurses across the Foundation is underpinned by robust policies and procedures.

The Grimsdell School Nurse is always willing to discuss a child’s health and can be contacted on 020 8959 6884 ahurst@grimsdell.org.uk.

Grimsdell Counselling Provision

The Grimsdell School Counsellor works on Monday afternoon. The School Counsellor is trained at the Tavistock Clinic and maintains strong links with both their Child and Family Department and their Adolescent Department.

As a professional in their field the Counsellor provides an additional layer of pastoral care to further support those children/families who, for various reasons, require guidance or professional counselling. Recommendation for counselling must come after consultation with Class teachers, Deputy Head and the Head.

Initial appointments often involve the parents of the child to help establish the issue and provide the Counsellor with further information. Appointments are confidential and take place discretely during the school day and at varied times to avoid an impact on academic lessons. When counselling provision is full the School Counsellor will do their best to recommend alternative provision. The school also operates a waiting list.

To request further information on counselling provision parents should contact the Deputy Head, Mrs Ticehurst jticehurst@grimsdell.org.uk