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Science Week!

What an amazing science week Grimsdell have had.

It started with the Mad Science assembly where the children were fascinated with the wonders of learning about air and pressure-based Bernoulli and Newton’s principle. The science continued throughout the school with Nursery and Reception looking at light and colours in motion with the children doing chromatography experiments. Year 1 and Year 2 learnt about the human body and in small groups the children explored ‘cells’ and learnt the different parts and functions of cells by making a sandwich box cell.

Year 2 went to the Mill Hill Physics labs learnt about circuits and made ‘bug bots’ with toothbrush heads. The chemistry department visited the Reception classes and worked with the children exploring colours with weak acids and alkalis, they made some cool bunny rabbits. Finally, the Year 1 went to Belmont and grouped up with the Year 5 students and made some lovely bird feeder mobiles.

What a fun Science Week it has been!