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The coming decades will be shaped in unknown ways by the forces of science, technology, globalisation and geopolitics. It is essential to provide young people with the technological confidence, critical faculty, social skills and open outlook to navigate a successful path by harnessing ideas and developments, by working with and relating to other people in a global arena. By developing such attributes, we aim to prepare our pupils as best we can for further study, work and the world of the future.

In practical terms, we offer a forward looking curriculum which establishes strengths in the core subjects but is also broad and flexible enough to adapt to the demands of the 21st century. We are as focused on emerging, innovative and creative subjects as we are on classic academic disciplines. Our pupils find fulfilment and success in a broad range of learning pathways: we are equally as proud of those who leave us to study Art, Design or Programming, as of those who enter centuries-old universities to read History or Natural Sciences.

Our expectations of our students are simple: engage pro-actively with your learning at School and at home, don’t be afraid to take a risk or learn from a mistake, be proud of your efforts and remember that education is a long, exciting journey with challenges and rewards all along the way.