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Parents Association

As the pupils who attend Mill Hill are all independent teenagers, we recognised that there needed to be a platform for parents, guardians and carers to socialise together. To this end, our primary function is to organise social events.

These events range from cocktail parties, jazz soirees, quiz evenings and firework displays.

You will often see our members at the school Open Mornings guiding prospective parents and answering any questions from a parent’s perspective.

We are extremely low maintenance. We currently arrange one cross-foundation fundraiser a year which is “The Coat drop”, where unwanted coats are sent to school and redistributed via Calling London to needy and vulnerable Londoners.

Committee members can choose their level of commitment from just attending social events and open days to organising social events, so there should be something for everyone to get involved with.

We are always looking for new members and new ideas and have been told that being on the committee is an excellent way of meeting other parents. We try to have two reps per house.

Here are some quotes from past and present committee members explaining why they got involved with the MHSPA.

“Being involved with the MHSPA is like being part of a large family – Always been made to feel wanted, appreciated and I loved every moment of it!”


“I decided to become involved with the MHSPA to get to know the school better and to share my son’s experiences. I also wanted to help the school in return for all the excellent advice I had received from the academic staff when I was first considering Mill Hill for my son.”  Viviana

“I joined the PTA as I wanted to have an active part in  my daughter’s school and hope that I would be able to bring fresh ideas to the table.

I like being in the committee as I feel like it’s a lovely little “family”  and even though I have not been able to go to the after school meetings, I have still been made to feel a part of the process.”


“I joined because I made a deal with my now joint co-chair, Amelia that if she sang and danced with me to Amarillo at the ABC Ball, then I would become a house rep for School house, the rest is history! We are now the best of friends as well as co-chairs”


“MHSPA is a wonderful and energising group of people. I have been a member for a few years.

Open mornings for prospective students and families have been a joy to help with. We support staff & pupils to welcome new prospective parents and families to Mill Hill Education Group.

The coat drop is an amazing charitable project. An annual cross community project involving parents, pupils, staff and the wider community. It’s awesome how we are collecting more and more coats each year! A true co-production!

Mill Hill Education Group is an amazing community. As a working parent with teenagers in the upper years it would be easy not to be involved in school. This is exactly why I am involved. I have got to know so many wonderful people: guardians; parents; house masters; teachers; pupils; catering and administration staff. Growing these friendships have been invaluable.”


“ I got involved with the MHSPA in its first year. I decided to be come involved as Mill Hill Education Group has given my children so many wonderful opportunities and helped make them the people that they are today and I wanted to share my enthusiasm about the school with other parents.  I have met so many wonderful people and made lots of new friends whilst being part of this wonderful committee. It has been a pleasure to be part of such a merry band of like minded, fun and vivacious committee. I always look forward to helping out at the open mornings and meeting prospective parents.   I will most certainly miss being part of the MHSPA when my children leave the school!  Hopefully I will be able to rejoin the committee when my 8 year old joins Mill Hill.”