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Drama and Theatre

Why Study Drama and Theatre?

This course explores many aspects of theatre, including acting, improvisation, dramatic theory and the study of plays both in production and as classical and modern set texts. You must be prepared to work academically, to co-operate practically in groups, and to give freely of your time outside normal lessons, including holiday time. You should also enjoy visiting the theatre frequently.

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE Drama and Grade 6 in GCSE English
Language or Literature. Previous experience of practical
drama is strongly recommended for anyone considering
this course. In addition, all external applicants for Drama
and Theatre will be expected to pass an audition
conducted by the Drama Department.

Course Outline

OCR’s A-level in Drama and Theatre has been designed to be a practical, engaging and creative course. It provides pupils with opportunities to interrogate drama and the work of others, to explore a range of drama as a practical art form, and to work independently to create their own drama performances making informed artistic choices.
The specific units and modes of assessment are shown below:

  • Practitioners in practice (40%) – Research report, a portfolio and a performance
  • Exploring and performing texts (20%) – Performance for a visiting examiner
  • Analysing performance (20%) – Examined component consisting of extended response essay questions
  • Deconstructing texts for performance (20%) – Examined component consisting of an annotation of an extract from the text and an extended response question

Course Delivery

The course is delivered through both practical and academic lessons. We shall study two contrasting plays and make visits to live theatre productions in the West End and elsewhere. Pupils will study the work of two Theatre Practitioners, create their own Devised Drama and act from two published plays. At the end of the course, there are two written exams.

Higher Education & Career Opportunities

Drama is an established subject at most British universities as well as at Drama Schools. Career opportunities exist in Theatre, Television, Film and Media as well as Arts Management, Technical work, Advertising and Publicity. All these career opportunities are enhanced by an A level in
Drama and Theatre, a qualification recognised by Higher Education institutions.