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This week in Music…


Nursery have been practicing their listening skills and learning to pitch match using our puppet friends.


Reception have been practicing their pitch matching and are exploring the range of their voices by inventing different sounds that can be made when going down a slide.

Year 1

Year 1 have been practicing their yodelling and singing ‘A Young Austrian’. They have also started to explore different yoga poses with ‘Head, shoulders, Yoga Pose!’ What a flexible bunch!

Year 2

Year 2 have been practicing their Diwali song to be performed in an assembly in November. We have been working on spatial awareness and looking at ways we can modify our movements so that we don’t get in anybody’s way when performing in a tight group. A few children took it in turns to be the audience and give constructive feedback to the rest of the class.

The children are being wonderfully inventive with the way they play their instruments in task time; creating sounds (some completely unique!) to match the words in the book.

We have started to learn our next assembly song, ‘Let’s Twist Again’ and are having fun twisting and singing at the same time!

Mrs Wakefield