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This week in Reception…

What a busy first week back! The children were all very excited to talk about what they did over half term – you have all been very busy.

We started off the week learning the sound ‘g’ where the children enjoyed making guitars using boxes and elastic bands. They absolutely loved this so thank you for bringing in the boxes. This week the children have been engaging in some Phonics activities, we have been spelling CVC words like hat, run, box and writing some of the tricky words we have learnt so far.

We have also been learning about the number 6, exploring how many ways we can make 6 and beginning to look at how we can record what we have found out. We have also been looking at numbers in the environment and linking this to our prior knowledge of number.

Wednesday was all very exciting dressing up for Halloween, we played a game of guess who for different costumes, designed our own pumpkin and made our own slime! RHD have been enjoying acting out stories in the Potion Lab and have been writing spells to change Miss Deamer into lots of different things.

Miss Deamer and the Reception Team