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This week in Nursery…

We have had an amazing week in Nursery. We have been looking at cars on the move and the children have had great fun playing in our new role play area which is a garage. The children enjoyed pretending to fix the bubble car and charging the teachers lots of money for their services.

The children have learnt the song and actions to the sound ‘a’ and made a sound card using apple colour paint or printing with ants.

Thank you to all the parents who brought in some recyclable materials. The children have been so creative making cars, superhero vehicles and even telescopes. Please keep the recyclable materials coming in!!

On Thursday we had great fun playing with the bee-bots. These are remote controlled bugs and the children have to programme them to move where they would like them to go. The children found this quite tricky at first but with lots of support and modelling from the teachers they were fantastic by the end of the session.

Today we used traffic lights to help us play a listening game. This game involved the children running around and when they heard the colour of a specific traffic light they had to follow that instruction. Red = stop, Amber = Walk and Green = Run. The children listened well and followed the instructions carefully. Maybe you could have a go at playing this game at home.