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This Week in Year 1…

This week, we all ‘kicked off’ Anti-Bullying week by wearing our odd socks and Year 1 read the book Have you Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud which reminded us of the importance of making others feel good about themselves, saying kind words to one another and doing kind deeds for others.

The children then wrote a thoughtful compliment about another member of their class and posted it into the class bucket. These kind words were then shared and read out loud to each other which made us all feel really positive and uplifted.

Year 1 have also continued learning about wolves and in Literacy the children created their own Wolf Top Trump card which included interesting facts they had learned about wolves. We also wrote a letter back to the Wild Child thanking her for her letter and telling her how much we have learned about wolves since she last wrote to us.

In Task Time, the children completed various activities including pinpointing where wolves live on a world map, painting a wolf in black ink using a stick, and attempting to identify wolf poo based on its diet!