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This week in Year 1…

In Year 1 this week the children took part in Wellbeing week by learning to focus their minds using a breathing technique to lower their heart rate. We discussed how important it is to take time out and catch some fresh air by going for a walk. We also discussed what we all do to relax in our spare time.

Also, in class the children have been busy learning about the timeline of trains from the past to the present and about the pioneering engineer and inventor George Stephenson known as ‘Father of the Railways’ who played a key role in the development of Britain’s railways. Following on from this, the children learnt facts about the Shinkansen and imagined what their journey would be like travelling in a bullet train, leaving the busy city of Tokyo and moving through the countryside to the rural parts of Japan. The children wrote about their journey in their creative story writing. To end the week, we also celebrated Eid with lots of different fun activities and cooking yummy food, the children had great fun.