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This Week in Year 2!

This week in Year 2, children had the opportunity to extend their learning about Japanese culture by learning all about Bullet trains. They researched some facts about using books, iPads, and Seesaw, and presented their work independently using their own creative ideas.

Science involved the children investigating the suitability of materials to make Carp kites. They went on a material hunt around the classroom to find materials and then used their prediction and testing skills to choose. They had to test the strength, waterproof  ability and whether the material could withstand the elements. It was agreed that plastic  was the most suitable material, and this is what will be used when the children make their Carp kites on children’s day.

In Art we learnt about Mount Fuji and its importance to people of the Shintu fait. The children examined photographs and art work which focused on Mount Fuji and they created their own art work using water colour pastels, felt tips and pencils. They carefully sketched their idea first before deciding on the media they would use to colour their picture. Great effort everyone!