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This Week in Year 2!

We were delighted to welcome Year 2 back to school on Monday! They were thrilled to see how the school had been decorated to complement our London theme. We started by asking the children to write about their first impressions of our classrooms by encouraging them to think about what they liked about the space and what they thought the theme was. Next, we spent time settling the children back into school by talking about class rules, our feelings and the Grimsdell Way.

The children noticed a throne in the foyer and suggested that it might belong to the Queen so we did a brainstorming activity where we wrote down what we already know about the Queen. They had questions regarding Her Royal Highness and her family so we wrote those down in case we were lucky enough to meet her! Guess what… the very next day we had a special visitor! It was HRH Queen Elizabeth II herself. Year 2 were overwhelmed and very excited to be in the presence of royalty. The Queen sat in the story chair and the children took it in turns to ask her their questions and she gracefully answered each one with patience and poise. We took time to write about the facts we learnt from the Queen’s visit and then sequenced significant events in her life!

Year 2 had their first Belmont Games session at Grimsdell this week to familiarise themselves with the Belmont staff and take part in fun games. Next week the children will be walking over to Belmont and using their stunning facilities.

Shanah Tovah to those families celebrating Rosh Hashanah this week.

We had a very busy and fun filled week – Thank you for all of your efforts Year 2!