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This week in Reception…

A busy week in Reception! The children have been really engaged with our phase 1 phonics, looking at rhyme, animal sounds, sounds around the home and body percussion.  The highlight of the week being a ‘Listening Walk’ around the school with amazing decorated ‘Listening Ears’ which many children wanted to wear all day.  In RHH the children have been having fun with magnetic letters, making their names and other words.  In RAB the children have been making their own music shakers and in REJ the children have gone car crazy, making the most amazing ramps and tracks for the cars to go down. In maths we have learnt some great games to reinforce subitising.  One of the most popular games has been ‘tallest tower’, rolling a dice and collecting that many cubes to build a tower. After 4 throws each we compare to see who has the tallest tower.  Our main focus this week has been working on carpet listening skills and the children have shown a marked improvement so well done Reception! We are breaking listening skills into small steps to teach the children, the next step is taking turns in talking.  You can reinforce this at home by modelling taking turns in conversation around the dinner table or in the car, using the language “My turn to talk – your turn to talk”.