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This week in Reception…

It has been another VERY exciting week at Reception!  

This week’s Kapla workshop was amazing, but nothing could be better than welcoming cute little ducklings into our classes! As part of the Science adventure, on Monday morning duckling eggs arrived in one of our classrooms! Children were ecstatic when the eggs started to crack on Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning there were already two fluffy little ducklings quacking along inside the incubator!  

The children loved observing our adorable ducks; they kept a very close eye on what was happening with the eggs and then carefully watched how the ducklings were changing and growing as soon as they got out of the eggshell. The children’s enthusiasm around the ducklings led to a lovely literacy project – we all started to write our own Duck Diaries!  

Our Maths focus this week was fluency on the number line 0-10. Throughout the week we have created lots of different number lines reminding children that numbers can be represented in all sorts of ways. While independently building different number lines, children were consolidating their knowledge about the position of different numbers in relation to each other and using the language of one more/one less.