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This week in Year 2…

Science Week in Year 2 kicked off with a physics task at our Mill Hill senior school. The children created their own alien bug robots using the head of a toothbrush, some sticky tape, wired cells, some pipe cleaners and googly eyes.  They needed to listen to the instructions carefully and use their fine motor skills to attach all the elements together accurately for their robots to work.  With a little bit of help from some of the senior school pupils, we succeeded!

Also this week, we have had the pleasure of visiting the ducklings in Nursery and planted our own pea plants. The children have considered the following questions: what is living, what has been living but is now dead and what has never been living?

The children were intrigued to learn that a fruit, once removed from its plant, starts dying and is actually classified as dead!

They learned the acronym MRS GREN to recall the life processes of any living thing:

Movement – Does it show any movement?

Respiration – Does it need air or oxygen?

Sensitivity – Does it react to its environment?


Growth – Can it grow larger?

Reproduction – Can it create more living things like itself?

Excretion – Can it rid of its waste?

Nutrition – Does it need food for energy?