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This week in Year 2…

This week, Year 2 had the pleasure of welcoming our visiting art teacher, Mrs Wells, back to Grimsdell for another wonderful art lesson, inspired by the work of the French artist, Henri Rousseau. The children learned that Rousseau had never actually visited a rainforest but used to visit places of natural beauty like Kew Gardens to inspire him with his drawing and painting. The children thoroughly enjoyed using different media to develop and enhance their artwork and the finished results were outstanding!

This week, we also enjoyed our Outdoor Learning Day in the sunshine!  The children began the day by going on a walk around the school grounds for literary inspiration.  Mrs Simon shared a poem that she created on the walk and the children then attempted to write their own poems inspired by the outdoors. In Maths, we went on a stick hunt and found sticks of different lengths to create a fraction wall of a whole, two halves, three thirds and four quarters.