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This week in Year 2… Puzzle Day

Year 2 were lucky enough to be involved in a puzzle afternoon last week. They were ably assisted by amazing students from Mill Hill School who came over armed with numerous puzzles and games for the children to complete. They children were divided into groups which then rotated with each group having a turn at the choice of puzzles.

“I liked the puzzle afternoon because we were learning and it helps us when we get frustrated so we know how to deal with frustration” Oscar 2RM

“The marble maze was so good and tricky” Zachary 2RM

“It was amazing and so much fun. It was a great lesson” Evie 2AM

“It was challenging and hard to solve the puzzles” Constantinos 2AM

“It was really fun and we worked at different tables with different activities. Some of them were really tricky” Alicia 2YM

“The puzzles were quite hard and some of them were quite easy. I managed to make the puzzles!” Ayla 2YM