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This week in Year 2…

Year 2 ‘Rainforest’ School

Year 2 had a delightful afternoon in the ‘Rainforest’  as we imagined that we travelled to India. The children were challenged with creating habitats for tigers who had jumped into my luggage. They took their time and carefully created a space where they thought their tiger would be happy. Some children reviewed their habitat and made changes after evaluating what they had done while others took great care in making sure their tiger was camouflaged from hunters. It was a wonderful afternoon with the children collaboratively working together in small groups until they were happy with the end result. We finished the session by returning to the UK via ‘Moir Airways’ and practising mindful breathing all the way home. Thank you Year 2 for your energy, enthusiasm and perseverance today.


Inspired by the language in the book ‘Lord of the Forest’ by Caroline Pitcher, the children wrote their own ‘I Can Hear’ poem based on the sounds in the rain forest.

Aimee 2AM

I hear elephant stomping in the mud.

I hear tigers roaring and stomping in the leaves.

I hear frogs croaking by the pond.

I hear monkeys swinging in the trees.

I hear crocodiles snapping fish for their lunch.

I hear snakes slithering through the grass.

Aelith 2RM

I hear bees buzzing in the wind.

I hear trees swishing in the wind.

I hear a beetle stepping quietly.

I hear humming birds.

I hear an elephant trumpeting loudly.

Jessica 2YM

I hear blue birds tweeting in the trees.

I hear a koala crunching in the dirt.

I hear monkeys saying ooh ahh in the trees.

I hear a parrot squawking loudly at a bluebird.

I hear a stomp of an elephant through the bushes.

I hear a slithery snake hissing through the log.


In Maths we learnt the strategies of reordering and re balancing when adding e.g. 9+7 = 10+6.  11+8=10+9.

Mrs Moir