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This week in Year 1…

Year 1

This week, Year One read the poem ‘To Market! To Market!’ about an Indian girl’s fun-filled visit to a market with her mother. We noticed the poet’s use of repetition in the title as well as in the poem and all of the action words ending in the suffix ‘-ing’.  We used the pictures to think of our own action words ending in ‘-ing’ and learned about the spelling rules when adding ‘-ing’ to a verb.   We then wrote and edited our own repetition poems using our ‘-ing’ words and read them out aloud to the class and listened to the rhythm.

In Maths, Year One have learned about the properties of a range of 2D and 3D shapes.  We went on a shape hunt around the school and recognised shape in many everyday objects. We also examined parts of shapes and used our knowledge of their properties to help us recognise them.

In Phonics, we have begun to read and write two-syllable words containing adjacent consonants and learned that a syllable is a beat within a word.

Task time is always a special time of the week!  Last week and this week we have been painting rangoli patterns on silk, playing a range of Indian board games, programming bee-bots to move across a world map to India, designing Mehndi hand patterns, block printing on fabric and making mango lassi.

Mrs Satariano